Activities of the Particle Phenomenology Group

The Journal Club on Particle Phenomenology takes place usually on Thursdays at 2:00pm (in lecture room #3). Twice a month we have a joint JC with the group at the Physics Institute at the University of São Paulo (IFUSP). One of these joint sessions is hosted at IFT and the other at IFUSP; in the latter case the JC happens at 5:00pm at "Jayme Tiomno" room.

In general it is divided in two parts:

1) The “what got me interested this week” part, in which people comment on papers they have found recently but not necessarily read. The idea is to have a quick pass at the level of the abstract of the paper, so we are up to date and can see if anyone is interested in reading some of the papers in more depth (which leads us to the second part)

2) Someone leads a deeper discussion of a single paper. The idea is to have someone on the blackboard presenting the paper, but the audience is also supposed to have read it. These papers will be selected with as much antecedence as possible, possibly selected from those mentioned in the first part of the JCs.


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2/23/2017, John Doe: "Template JC" (joint JC @IFT)

References: 1512.04933

Abstract (of the paper): blabla bla.